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Information for skater

Start time and bus transfer

The buses depart from the bus parking zone in the back of the Hunsrückhalle to the different start places. Please pay attention to the information signs at the buses. Use your starting number as bus ticket. The buses will depart on schedule.

Discipline Bus transfer Start time Start
Marathon 07:15  08:45  Emmelshausen
Halbmarathon 07:15  08:30  Ebschied

Age groups

Group Marathon Half marathon Fun
7 to  11 years
Youth group
12 to  15 years
Juniors 14 to 17 years 16 to  17 years
Main class 18 to  29 years 18 to  29 years
Age groups 30 to  39 years
40 to  49 years
50 to  59 years
60 to  69 years
70 years 
30 to  39 years
40 to  49 years
50 to  59 years
60 to  69 years
70 years  +


7 to 9 years
10 to 12 years
13 to 15 years


Place Marathon Half marathon Strongest group of all disciplines
1st place 150,- € 75,- € 150,- €
2nd place 100,- € 50,- € 100,- €
3rd place 50,- € 25,- € 50,- €

There will be prizes for all runners and skaters of all age groups.


Application deadline is the 09.08. at 24:00 o'clock

The output of the starter-pack and the supplementary registration take place in the Hunsrückhalle on Saturday, 27.08.16 from 14:00 to 18:00 o'clock and Sunday, 28.08.16 from 06:00 to 12:00 o'clock.

The starter-pack includes bus transfer, certificate, medal. 

Resultlist: 5 Euro.  There is no reimbursement of entry fees if you do not participate.

Entry Fee

Discipline up to 28.02. up to 30.06. from 01.07.
Marathon * 35,- € 42,- 48,-
Team-marathon * ** 93,- 100,- 110,-
Half-marathon 18,- 24,- 30,-
Fun (6,3 km)** 8,- 8,- 8,-

* These Disciplines are not offered for Walker.
** These Disciplines are not offered for Skater. 

Route informationen


The Start is in Emmelshausen, at the Zap. It runs approx. 5 km through the suburbs of Emmelshausen leading ultimately to the Schinderhannes cycle path. This is an old railway route which was rebuilt as a cycle path. The track runs over 36 km to Kastellaun, the castle town of Hunsrück, and then further on to the district town, Simmern. The remaining kilometres combine together in the town of Simmern.

The entire route has a covered surface and the width of the cycle path is approx. 2.5 metres. On average, we have a start-finish gradient of approx. 120 m. Each kilometre is marked by signs.

Half-marathon Runner

The Start is in Kastellaun at the train station, continuing on towards the school centre (Schulzentrum), the indoor swimming pool (Hallenbad) and residential area. Carry on along the ring-road to the industrial area, up to the Industriestraße onto the cycle path in the direction of the train station (Bahnhof) (the Start). From here the same route as for the marathon.

Half-marathon Skater

Start at the intersection Ebschied area of the circular road to the station and Hollnich direction Ebschieder there on the bike path. The route crosses the bike path to the finish line after simmering on the Schlossplatz.

Fun-run (6,3 km) - only Runner and Walker

The Start is in Neuerkirch level with the Ostendorf fashion house. From here it goes past the sports ground on to the cycle path to Simmern. You will pass the Start point here as well.


The goal for all routes is the Schloßplatz (castle grounds) in Simmern.


For runner,skater and walker

You have two opportunities:

  1. You depose your clothing-bag in the Hunsrückhalle
  2. You abandon your clothing-bag at the staging area at the start place. Your clothing-bag will be deposed in the Hunsrückhalle in Simmern for you.

Disposal at your own risk. With your starting number you can fetch your clothing-bag after the event. Please check that the number on your clothing-bag is the same as your starting number before you abandon you clothing-bag. Do not lay down clothes without a clothing-bag!

Information for skater