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The first press release was in 1998: "The cycle path from Pfalzfeld via Kastellaun to Simmern is being developed". In 1999 at the 5th International State Run in Laubach a group of Hunsrück runners realized that they could organize a marathon on the former stretch of railway. The first meeting was at the debriefing of the Rhine-Hunsrück running series in 1999 in Laubach. This is where the decision was made to organise the first Hunsrück Marathon for 2001.

The first fairly major activity was the creation of a banner which was presented first at the end of April 2000 at the German Marathon Championships in Duisburg. At the opening of the Schinderhannes cycle path on 01 May 2000 in Kastellaun an info-stand was set up with the new banner. This is where we noticed that such an event was very popular. In the course of that year we visited other large marathon events. Interest just kept on growing. We realised that with regards to sports we could fill a gap in the market with this idea both within the region and beyond. In autumn 2000, the first organisation team fell apart due to a lack of personal commitment. It was the second team which really got the Hunsrück Marathon going.

On 06 February 2001 Hunsrück-Marathon Association e.V. was finally established. Now the intense search for sponsors began. We gained several small sponsors but it was with PROVENTO that we found or main sponsor and namesake for the first PROVENTO HUNSRÜCK MARATHON.

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